Tax Planning

Tax is one of the certainties of life, but with an accurate tax plan, we can help to minimise the amount payable by making certain that all entitled expenses are claimed correctly.

Once the right amount of tax is calculated, your plan will also help to ensure you have funds available to pay when they’re due, avoiding cash flow problems, IRD use of money interest and unnecessary penalties.

We help with the preparation of GST, PAYE, FBT, ACC, RWT, Provisional and Terminal taxes. Tax returns are prepared for both business and personal returns.

Tax planning also involves

 • Voluntary tax payment options for those in their first year of business
• Setting up business correctly to make sure your expenses are deductible
• Keeping proper records 
• Planning for provisional tax
• Eliminating penalties and use of money interest
• Income splitting
• Wages versus shareholder salary
• The use of PIE investments
• Donations
• Working for families
• Deductions available through wages
• A holistic tax view of both your business and personal financial circumstances.